View proposed route options

Connector Routes: The connector routes (A,B,C, and D) on the map below are route segments proposed in the application that could facilitate a connection or switch between a portion of the Blue route and a portion of the Purple route. Meaning, the final route approved by the Commission could be a combination of portions of the Blue and Purple routes, or those suggested during the Environmental Impact Statement scoping process, and one or more of the connector routes.

Route width: In addition to the proposed route alignments shown on the map, route permit applications are required to include a “route width.” The route width allows flexibility to work with landowners to locate the alignment so as to reduce land use impacts to the extent possible. Xcel Energy is proposing a route width of 1,000 feet (500 feet on either side of the proposed alignment) in most locations along the route alternatives.

Substation siting areas: In addition to the end point substations in Sherburne and Lyon counties, the project will require two additional substations along the routes. The potential siting areas for the Intermediate Substation and Voltage Support Substation are labeled on the map below, and have wider route widths to accommodate the substation footprints.