Minnesota Energy Connection

Proposal will deliver new renewable
energy to customers to replace
retiring coal plants.

Project Need:

Xcel Energy is leading the clean energy transition with our plan to reduce carbon emissions 85% by 2030, moving closer to our vision to deliver 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050.

As part of this transition, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved Xcel Energy’s plan to retire all of its Upper Midwest coal generation, including the three Sherco units and replace them with renewable energy sources. In its order approving our Upper Midwest Energy Plan in early 2022, the Commission directed us to begin the permitting process for transmission lines to connect and deliver renewable energy to our customers, including the MN Energy Connection project to connect at Sherco.

We filed the Certificate of Need in March 2023. You can review it here.

Project Area:

The route proposals below were filed in October 2023 with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission in our Route Permit application. The full application can be reviewed at MN.gov/puc

The revised route options were presented at public open houses in June 2023 and we are asking for feedback on the route options by the end of July.